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Welcome to our Save Hulme Hippodrome Campaign – we are 100s of people determined to bring this beautiful building back into community use. Read about our recent successes, and how you can help.

The Hulme Hippodrome is a 120 year old Grade II listed Edwardian theatre in Hulme (M15 5EU), one mile south of Manchester city centre. It can seat up to 1,900 people, with an internal adjacent Floral Hall for another 1,000 people. It has a smaller twin theatre – The Playhouse – on the same block, now run by Niamos.

Designed by JJ Alley and built by the Broadhead family company, it is one of the last surviving theatres of a group of 17 in the North West of England, renown for its Rococo plasterwork and ornate decoration, and its straight lines for all rows of seats, unusual in theatre design. The Hulme Hippodrome (initially known as The Grand Junction) was opened on 7 October 1901, with its “younger twin” sister theatre The Playhouse following in 6 October 1902.


Asset of Community Value boost for Hulme Hippodrome campaign

Manchester City Council City Council has listed Hulme Hippodrome as an Asset of Community Value (ACV), recognising the theatre’s important cultural and social role in its community and offering the theatre additional protection from development. See more here

Who we are and what we do

These slides were shown to our Steering Group on 10 May 2021 (1min 12secs)

Drone video reveals state of roof

We have commissioned this drone video of the roof of the Hulme Hippodrome, which shows the holes and disrepair that we have urgent concerns about:

In March 2021 we have crowd-funded over £16,000, racing past our initial target in just five days – with kind donations from over 500 people and growing. These funds will pay for things like much-needed surveys on the structure and conditions, and for an independent fair market valuation. These are some of the essential steps which will help us rescue and secure the building.

And see this wonderful video –


Our first year …

This is what we did in our first year – And here is all our Bulletins for 2021 in one file –

SHH! by V/A

Our album fundraiser – SHH! – launched today! You can find it here 100% of profits go towards supporting the campaign 🙏🏽 Thanks so much to the generosity of @mute.artefact for curating this and making it happen and to all the wonderful artists and producer who contributed tracks or artwork: @leshlingi@flywheelflywheel@hal_prod@ahnwyll@noek0j@swallow_your_slide@davidmootney@juli.riot@djdjdjexcel@halle.omalley@scapaxoAlpine Sound@jimshnaps@skortlami Mastered by Tom Beilby @ahnwyllArtwork by @somewhatexistsContinue reading “SHH! by V/A”

 The Elephant in the Room 

The Elephant in the Room  One of the delights of our community events is to hear the various local stories and myths that have grown up around Hulme Hippodrome.  Recently in this bulletin we explored the “secret tunnel” folklore that had the artists escaping the crowds by getting back to their digs at the JunctionContinue reading ” The Elephant in the Room “

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Information Bulletins:

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