Will Hulme Hippodrome be saved from the wrecking ball to become a creative community space?

Expressing his concern over the dominant development agenda in the city Oli said:

“If the current wave of development continues Manchester will become sterile with loads of places for people to live but no space for people to do anything else. Many young people are searching for places to inspire them within their communities but are increasingly having nowhere to go.”

“Community space ‘that can change their lives’ Oli emphasises that the campaign is not about saving the building as a #Manchester heirloom, it is primarily aimed at putting it to good use for the local community.” #SHH #SaveHulmeHip

Read interview with Save Hulme Hippordrome Director, Oli Wilson in the Meteor here

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CHARM, the Community for Holistic, Accessible, Rights Based Mental Health was launched by The Organic Recovery Learning Community in September 2020.

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