Signatories in support of Open Letter

Over 170 Supporters so far (23rd October)

A wide range of people and organisations from Manchester and across the country have added their name in support of our open letter.

Olivia Adamson, University of Manchester

Eileen Allen, Manchester Guided Tours 

Ray Allen, Interested resident 

Jama Abdukayumov, Edward Williams Architects

Louise Andrew

Zoe Ashpole, Manchester resident

Renate Aspden

Dr Jenna Ashton, University of Manchester/ Lecturer in Heritage Studies (with a focus on community heritage assets)

Paul Baker, Director of Save Hulme Hippodrome Ltd

David Bailey, Friend of Hulme Hippodrome

Miguel C Balagtas, Architecture/Architectural Designer

Tony Baldwinson, Director of Save Hulme Hippodrome Ltd

Faz Barber, SHH Supporter

Stuart Baron, Manchester resident

Mike Bath, Director of Save Hulme Hippodrome Ltd

Jenny Bedford

Cara Berger, University of Manchester

Martin Bolt, Musician

Cath Booth, Local resident

Simon Borkin, Friends of Stretford Public Hall

Douglas Boyd, Ex Hulme current Manchester resident with interest in retaining cultural links 

Sean Braithwaite, Niamos, Playhouse, Manchester

Elena Brearley, Creative Practitioner

David Brotherton, Manchester Tour Guide

Alice Brotherton-Burns, Supporter of Save Hulme Hippodrome 

Anne Brown, Local Resident

Laura Brown, Quadriga Contracts Ltd/University of Manchester/Local resident

Aaron Burton, Supporter of Save Hulme Hippodrome 

Amanda Burgess, Local Resident

Damion Burgess, Supporter of Save Hulme Hippodrome 

David Butler, University of Manchester

Dr David Calder, University of Manchester

Danielle Carbon-Wilson, Director of Save Hulme Hippodrome Ltd

David Clare, Concerned Local Resident 

Julie Clare, Supporter of Save Hulme Hippodrome 

Catherine Chesworth, Local Resident

Richard Clarke, Supporter of Save Hulme Hippodrome 

Rose Constantine, Private citizen 

Alistair Cox, Personal

Sam Davies, Supporter of Save Hulme Hippodrome 

Robert Delahunty, Local resident 

Ms. Claire Louise Dixon, Prop maker

Paul Dobraszczyk, Bartlett School of Architecture

Michael Duffield, Local worker

David Eatock, Community Arts

Cllr. Ekua Bayunu, Green Party Councillor for Hulme

John Ellison, Carno Station Action Group

Janet Evans, Private individual seeking a common sense outcome

Alexandra Fairclough, Local Resident

Susan Ferguson, Personal interest (architect)

Steve Fishwick, Personal Interest

Corinne Ford, Local resident 

Andrew Fordyce, Supporter of Save Hulme Hippodrome 

Gideon Foster, Brewer at Niamos, Hulme Playhouse

Emma Fox, Manchester tour guide

Julie Froud, Local Resident

Victoria Garlick, I did my PhD on WH Broadhead. The Hippodrome was a key part of his theatre circuit.

Professor Cathy Gelbin, Dept. of Drama, University of Manchester

Paul Gardner, Director of Save Hulme Hippodrome Ltd

Philipp Gelbin, Supporter of Save Hulme Hippodrome and Artist

Sophie Gibson, Burnley Empire Trust 

Dympna Gould,

Grainne Gordon, Local Resident

David Govier, Local Resident

Elizabeth Gow, Local Resident

Catalina Guian-Illanes, Director of Save Hulme Hippodrome Ltd

Gareth Hacking

Kevin Hainsworth, Personal interest

Siobhan Hanley, Siobhan Hanley Comms

Ina Hanson

Susan Hardy, Community member

Paul Harrison, Charity director

Sue Hatton

Jackie Haynes, Artist & Manchester Resident

Marion Hewitt, Save Hulme hippodrome group member

Brenda Hickey, Save Hulme Hip

Stephen Hoar, Historian

Suzi Hoffmann, Personal and All Fm community radio

Carmel Hughes, Local resident

Margaret Hollins, Mancunion

David Holman, Community 

F. Hunt, Local Resident

Timur Iablokov, Freelance Architectural Designer

Carol Iqbal, Save Hulme hippodrome group member

Katy Jackson, PhD Student

Bryony Jameson, Leeds Heritage Theatres

Alison Jeffers, Live locally and want to support this campaign

Lorna Jellicoe-Jones, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Phil Jones, ASP Events  Ltd / Edge Street Live

Kim Joslin, Secretary Hulme Labour Party

Georgia Kenington, Local Resident

Sarah Kennedy, Local Resident

Ewan Kenny, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Olabisi Ketiku, Local charity organisation member

Craig Lambie, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Valerie Lane, Interested supporter

Tom Lyall, Director of Save Hulme Hippodrome Ltd

Vicky Lowe, University of Manchester 

Jo Magee, Local resident

Sara Mahoney, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Sarah Mander, Community member

Lauren Massey, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Charlotte Marceau, Used to help out, thought the community project was valuable

Joanne Maylott, Local resident

Deidrie McLaughlin, Save Hulme Hippodrome 

George Mills, The future of the hippodrome must be in the hands of local people not some external company who has no real interest rooted in such a valuable asset in a diverse and dynamic neighbourhood

Ora Mitchell, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Trevor Morson, interested in preserving this historic building 

Rita Mulvey, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Mrs E Murray, Personal – used this theatre with parents as a child

Christine Myery, Concerned ex Manchester resident 

Laura Nardella, Person in the community 

Tom Niblett, Architecture, theatre and arts

George Nixon, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Mike Nolan, Private citizen 

Lucy Nolan, Interested in preserving local history 

Susan Nolan, Interested in preserving local history

Dave Norman, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

John O’Donnell, Local resident

Allan Openshaw, Volunteer at Save Hulme Hippodrome (and previous attendee of Hulme Hippodrome)

John Oughton, Supporter of local determination for local heritage 

Chris Paul, CEO Wythenshawe Community Media, Trustee Director Walk The Plank, Founder/CEO IDEA, Founder City Life Magazine, former Councillor

Gemma Powell, Young resident of Hulme

Kit Pratt, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Nicholas Ralph, Manchester resident 

Jimmy Rapanut, Tim Groom Architects Limited

Florentina Robino Rapanut, Preserving the building 

Jane Ray, Supporter

Susan Rayner, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Janey Riley, SHH Niamos 

Duncan Robertson, Dk Services Group Ltd – Technical Safety for the community 

June Robson, Local resident

Andy Roman, Public interest

Steve Roman, My interest is in saving our Victorian and Edwardian heritage.

Katrina Roman, I think old buildings should be rescued

Sissy Rooney, Street Style Surgery Ltd 

Graeme Rowland, I have been to gigs at the Hippodrome

Denise Sackett, Manchester Tour Guide

Dominic Sagar, Architect supporting Hulme community projects

Simone Sanchez, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Constanze Schliebs, Neighbour

Jonathan Schofield, Writer and tourism professional

Roger Shelley, SHH Suporter

Jon Silver, Local Resident

Mr Ian Smith, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Sandra Skuse, Supporter of Save Hulme Hippodrome

Lois Smith, Preservation of historic buildings

Trish Spillane, Local supporter, rare historical buildings must be saved

Brian Stark, Heritage Photographer

Mike Stoneham, Cultural heritage

Maureen Stirpe, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Judith Swift, Save Hulme Hippodrome Supporter

Thomas Swingler, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome 

Ruth Taylor, Local resident

Simon Taylor, I am a supporter of the campaign to save hulme hippodrome.

Corin Thorpe, Software Engineer

Becca Toop, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Lamin Touray, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Professor of Early Film & Polisario entertainment Chair of Morecambe Winter Gardens Preservation Trust

Catherine Tolan, Member of the public 

Jane Turner, Neighbour to the Hippodrome since 1981

Eliza Tyrrell, Local Resident

James Varney, Hulme Resident

Mr David Wade, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Moz Walsh, Age Friendly Manchester

Rob Watts, University of Manchester

Duncan Wenham, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Deborah Whiteley, Concerned supporter

Luke S Whiting, Individual supporter

Oli Wilson, Director of Save Hulme Hippodrome Ltd

Anastasia Wiest, Manchester Green Party

Adam Wright, public interest

Cllr Annette Wright, Local councillor Hulme Ward, Manchester

Jonathan Wright, Individual/ Save Hulme Hippodrome

Jeremy Whyatt, Interested party who wants to preserve the building 

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CHARM, the Community for Holistic, Accessible, Rights Based Mental Health was launched by The Organic Recovery Learning Community in September 2020.

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  1. Personal reasons my grandfather performed regularly at the Hulme Hippodrome Hulmes funny man Jim Nolan we must save this Historic theatre!

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