Will Hulme Hippodrome be saved from the wrecking ball to become a creative community space?

Expressing his concern over the dominant development agenda in the city Oli said: “If the current wave of development continues Manchester will become sterile with loads of places for people to live but no space for people to do anything else. Many young people are searching for places to inspire them within their communities butContinue reading “Will Hulme Hippodrome be saved from the wrecking ball to become a creative community space?”

SHH! by V/A

Our album fundraiser – SHH! – launched today! You can find it here 100% of profits go towards supporting the campaign 🙏🏽 Thanks so much to the generosity of @mute.artefact for curating this and making it happen and to all the wonderful artists and producer who contributed tracks or artwork: @leshlingi@flywheelflywheel@hal_prod@ahnwyll@noek0j@swallow_your_slide@davidmootney@juli.riot@djdjdjexcel@halle.omalley@scapaxoAlpine Sound@jimshnaps@skortlami Mastered by Tom Beilby @ahnwyllArtwork by @somewhatexistsContinue reading “SHH! by V/A”

 The Elephant in the Room 

The Elephant in the Room  One of the delights of our community events is to hear the various local stories and myths that have grown up around Hulme Hippodrome.  Recently in this bulletin we explored the “secret tunnel” folklore that had the artists escaping the crowds by getting back to their digs at the JunctionContinue reading ” The Elephant in the Room “

120th Anniversary of opening of the Hippodrome

On Thursday 35 supporters gathered on Warwick Street to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Hulme Hippodrome with a specially made film shown on the side of the building, cake & candles, signing a card, sharing memories & plans for the future. Our thanks to everyone who made this great evening happen, including Niamos and theContinue reading “120th Anniversary of opening of the Hippodrome”

Save The Hippo Campaign at Green island Festival, Hulme Community Garden Centre, Saturday 4th Septmber

Brenda Hickey, born in #Hulme speaking at #greenislandfestival : “The powers that be, they took our homes when we had no voice. They are NOT going to take OUR Hippodrome. It was opened on 7th October 1901 and in 2021 we will give it back the respect it deserves.”

Asset of Community Value boost for Hulme Hippodrome campaign

Source: Theatre Trust, 17th September 2021 “We are pleased that Manchester City Council has listed Hulme Hippodrome as an Asset of Community Value (ACV), recognising the theatre’s important cultural and social role in its community and offering the theatre additional protection from development. This is a great achievement for Save The Hulme Hippodrome the campaignContinue reading “Asset of Community Value boost for Hulme Hippodrome campaign”